Lifestyle Medicine at Home

Lifestyle medicine offers a unique approach that leverages a whole-foods-based diet, physical activity, sleep, emotional well-being, and avoiding risky substances to not only prevent but treat and reverse lifestyle-related diseases. Common lifestyle-related diseases include obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, chronic kidney disease, fatty-liver disease, chronic obstructive lung disease, inflammatory bowel disease, cancers, and dementia. You may have heard the saying “Genetics loads the gun, environment pulls the trigger.” This holds true for many conditions, and it should empower us to be our own health advocates! Adopting simple yet consistent lifestyle practices can have a tremendous impact on lowering one’s risk for chronic disease. For example, the Nurses’ Health Study identified five health factors that, when present together, were associated with an 82% lower risk of coronary heart disease (the leading cause of death). Those factors included the absence of smoking, BMI<25, 30-minutes of physical activity per day, moderate alcohol consumption, and a healthy diet score.

Whether you’re already healthy and aiming to prevent disease, concerned about family history, or already struggling with a chronic disease or new diagnosis, Lifestyle Medicine can play a powerful role in your health journey. It’s never too late to embrace a more holistic approach, and lifestyle-based interventions can even be helpful towards the end of life. There’s never been a more pressing time for us to take action – to preserve our own health and lead by example for future generations.

Currently, I offer lifestyle medicine and coaching consultations to Illinois residents from the comfort of your own home, via Telehealth or House Calls

What is a Lifestyle Medicine Provider?:

Providers use evidence-based therapeutic lifestyle interventions as the first line of treatment when it comes to disease. Rather than focusing only on medications and procedures when addressing health, lifestyle medicine practitioners prioritize the 6 pillars of health to encourage increased healthspan and lifespan.

What are the 6 pillars of health?:

According to the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, the 6 Pillars of Health include:

    1. A whole foods plant-predominant diet
    2. Physical activity
    3. Stress management and emotional wellness
    4. Sleep
    5. Smoking cessation and avoiding risky substances
    6. Positive psychology and connectedness in relationships

What can I expect as a patient?:

Our visits together will not feel like a typical medical visit. We will meet for 60-90 minutes, and take a comprehensive look at your personal medical, surgical, and family history, current diet and lifestyle habits, routines, medications and supplements, relationships, wellness goals, and any other concerns you might have. You will do a lot of talking, and I’ll be listening, asking questions, and gaining a better understanding of what balanced health means for you personally. I strive to provide a warm, inviting, and compassionate space for you to share, learn, and grow as a human — meeting you where you’re at. It is my hope to equip you with the knowledge and tools to improve and promote health for yourself and your loved ones for years to come, bringing balance to mind, body, and spirit and fueling the eternal connection to your inner source and strength.

You’ll receive a personalized assessment and plan, with homework for our next visit at each session. This approach is active, meaning you will be investing in yourself, doing the work, setting goals, and creating accountability. As your practitioner, coach, and accountability partner, I’m here to guide the way. Treatment plans will include holistic therapeutic lifestyle interventions including but not limited to: dietary guidance, movement, sleep promotion, managing stress/emotions, substance avoidance, laboratory tests, vitamins, supplements, and rarely medications, referrals to outside practitioners, mindfulness, meditation, and/or breathwork, nature, etc.

What conditions do you see?: As an Adult & Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, I have extensive experience with the diagnosis and management of chronic diseases including hypertension, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, overweight and obesity, metabolic syndrome, chronic kidney disease, thyroid disease, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, dementia, depression, anxiety, insomnia, GERD, bowel difficulties, musculoskeletal issues/arthritis, osteoporosis, and the health and cancer screenings recommended by the USPSTF. Lifestyle Medicine works alongside conventional medicine, and often both are necessary for optimal health. My approach aims to honor your values and personal health goals while maintaining safety and high quality, compassionate health care.

What services are NOT offered by my Lifestyle Medicine Provider?: Primary care services, sick visits, urgent/emergency care, annual physicals, specialty care, prescription of controlled substances, or immunizations. Any medications prescribed by other providers will be deferred to those providers. For safety and collaborative purposes, it will be essential that we inform your primary care provider about any lifestyle changes you plan to make, and this will be done via your consent for us to share a letter with your provider.


Christina is a Licensed Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Board Certified Adult & Geriatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, Ancestral Health and Wellness Coach, and Registered Yoga Teacher. By uniting her passions and formal training, Christina empowers clients on their journey towards balanced physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.


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