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“I believe I was worst case scenario when I started working with Christina. I was addicted to caffeine, sugar, carbs, eating irregularly and not exercising. I was at my lowest point, lowest energy. Christina never judged. She met me where I was at and offered compassion an support. She never forced or pushed, only inspired me to be better. Together, we came up with a workable timeline, eating plan and goals. Because of Christina’s extensive knowledge of nutrition, exercise and various diets, she got me excited about my new lifestyle. It took determination and effort, but she was there every step of the way. I now look at food’s relationship to the physical body in a whole new way. And my energy levels are sky high! Thank you, Christina, for sharing your passion with so many. You truly save lives.” – J.B.

Lifestyle Medicine & Coaching

Whether you’re living with a chronic condition, just received a new diagnosis, or simply wanting to stay healthy, there is SO much within our control when preventing and managing lifestyle-related disease. It can feel overwhelming to navigate such big changes alone. Let’s face it – the typical doctor’s visit doesn’t allow enough time for all of our questions, nor does it allow for the conversations and relationship-building necessary for one to feel fully empowered, educated, and supported to embark on a health journey.

 As your Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner and Health Coach, I’m excited to be your teammate on that journey. We’ll work together to rediscover the tools already held within to reach your goals and embody your healthiest self, all while finding enjoyment in your new lifestyle. Together, we will meet where you’re at, and develop a plan for success – as you define it. It’s time to Grow with Grace towards your best life!

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